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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #79294 by More Kamal Chintamani

Village: गुंधा - Gundha

D:XI-1.1div (D11-01-01d04) - Son expert in farming / Cultivates fields / Son, the ploughman / The dear one

When the singer says Ploughman Narayan, she imagines that God Narayan is actually participating in the work in the field. Even though her son or husband are ploughing, she imagines that God is making it happen. Farming is also looked upon by her as God’s worship.
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मोरे कमल - More Kamal Chintamani
आपल आपल काही केल येईना कामा
बाई माझ्या राघोबाला गडी बैल इरजीक मामा
āpala āpala kāhī kēla yēīnā kāmā
bāī mājhyā rāghōbālā gaḍī baila irajīka māmā
People on whom we count as our own, don’t come for help when needed
Woman, my son Raghoba’s maternal uncle comes with his cart and bullock to help him in the field
▷ (आपल)(आपल)(काही) did (येईना)(कामा)
▷  Woman my (राघोबाला)(गडी)(बैल)(इरजीक) maternal_uncle
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