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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #76481 by Tribhuwan Lakshmi

Village: खंबाळा - Khambala

G:XIX-2.6 (G19-02-06) - Husband and wife, mutual love / Wife obstinately demanding

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त्रिभुवन लक्ष्मी - Tribhuwan Lakshmi
रुसले भरतार समजाऊ मी कुण्यापरी
पिकल्या पानाचे विडे द्यावा राजेसरी
rusalē bharatāra samajāū mī kuṇyāparī
pikalyā pānācē viḍē dyāvā rājēsarī
My husband is angry, how much can I persuade him
Give a vida* with ripe betel leaves to your husband
▷ (रुसले)(भरतार)(समजाऊ) I (कुण्यापरी)
▷ (पिकल्या)(पानाचे)(विडे)(द्यावा)(राजेसरी)
pas de traduction en français
vidaA roll of leaf of piper-betel with areca-nut, cloves, lime, an astringent extract obtained from mimosa or catechu or other plants, etc., the mixture of lime and astringent giving a reddish colour when it is eaten after a meal as a digestive. It is also used to be offered as a mark of hospitality, affection and love between husband and wife or lovers.

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  1. Wife obstinately demanding