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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #75358 by Dhaygude Raja

Village: सुखेड - Sukhed

F:XVII-1.1p (F17-01-01p) - Brother as father-in-law of one’s son, vyāhī / “I make my brother my vyāhī” / Equal status

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धायगुडे राजा - Dhaygude Raja
बंधु ईवाई करु जाते तीन्ही बारवचा धनी
तोडी उसाच्या वयरणी
bandhu īvāī karu jātē tīnhī bāravacā dhanī
tōḍī usācyā vayaraṇī
I make my brother my Vyahi*, he owns three wells
Cut sugarcane fodder for the bullocks of the carts of the groom’s party
▷  Brother (ईवाई)(करु) am_going (तीन्ही)(बारवचा)(धनी)
▷ (तोडी)(उसाच्या)(वयरणी)
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Vyahi ➡ VyahisFather-in-law of one’s son or daughter. The two fathers are each other’s Vyahi reciprocally and also to their child’s mother-in-law

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