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Project  ♪♪ सांगते बाई तुला - Sāṅgatē bāī tulā - I tell you woman! ♪♪

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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #68272 by Kale Vatsala Dhondiram

Village: शिरसगाव - Shirasgaon

G:XX-1.5 (G20-01-05) - Daughter-in-law with parents-in-law / Sweet relations prevailed

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काळे वत्सलाबाई धोंडीरामजी - Kale Vatsala Dhondiram
सासु करे सासुरवास सासरा म्हणे बाई
पाया कुलपाचे तोडे पाय उचलत नाई
sāsu karē sāsuravāsa sāsarā mhaṇē bāī
pāyā kulapācē tōḍē pāya ucalata nāī
Mother-in-law makes me suffer sasurvas*, father-in-law calls me Bái ’, with affection
Tode* (thick anklets) with a catch on my feet, I cannot lift my foot
▷ (सासु)(करे)(सासुरवास)(सासरा)(म्हणे) woman
▷ (पाया)(कुलपाचे)(तोडे)(पाय)(उचलत)(नाई)
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sasurvasLitt. the stay of the daughter-in-law in her in-laws’ house, with her husband, actually referring to all sorts of ill-treatment meted out to the daughter-in-law by her in-laws and husband.
todeThick anklets or bracelets

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