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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #67126 by Nagare Phula

Village: शिराळा - Shirala

F:XVI-3.6 (F16-03-06) - Expectations of sister at in-laws’, sāsurvāsin / Brother lends his ear to her difficulties

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नगरे फुला - Nagare Phula
बहीणीला सासुरवास बंधुनी ऐकीयला
नाही रांजणी पाणी प्याला घोडा माघारी फिरवीला
bahīṇīlā sāsuravāsa bandhunī aikīyalā
nāhī rāñjaṇī pāṇī pyālā ghōḍā māghārī phiravīlā
Sister’s sasurvas*, brother heard it
He didn’t drink water from the earthen vessel, he turned his horse back
▷  To_sister (सासुरवास)(बंधुनी)(ऐकीयला)
▷  Not (रांजणी) water, (प्याला)(घोडा)(माघारी)(फिरवीला)
pas de traduction en français
sasurvasLitt. the stay of the daughter-in-law in her in-laws’ house, with her husband, actually referring to all sorts of ill-treatment meted out to the daughter-in-law by her in-laws and husband.

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  1. Brother lends his ear to her difficulties