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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #66261 by Mete Nagarbai

Village: डाळज देशमुख - Dalaj Deshmukh

F:XV-1.1k (F15-01-01k) - Sister worries for brother / Sister feeding her brother / With pulses and gram

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मेटे नागरबाई - Mete Nagarbai
पाहुण्याला पाहुणचार आताची डाळभाजी
तान्ह्या मैनानी बुंदी उतरली ताजी
pāhuṇyālā pāhuṇacāra ātācī ḍāḷabhājī
tānhyā mainānī bundī utaralī tājī
For now, pulses and vegetables for my guest’s meal
Little Maina* (daughter) has just finished frying bundi (a special sweet)
▷ (पाहुण्याला)(पाहुणचार)(आताची)(डाळभाजी)
▷ (तान्ह्या)(मैनानी)(बुंदी)(उतरली)(ताजी)
pas de traduction en français
MainaThe name of a bird. Commonly used as a term of endearment for the dear daughter

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  1. With pulses and gram