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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #64598 by Gaykwad Devidas

Village: पाथरवाडी - Patharwadi

F:XVI-4.6 (F16-04-06) - Sister expects brother coming as murālī / Mūrāli as a young child

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गायकवाड देविदास - Gaykwad Devidas
येवढा नेनंता ग मुराळी वाटत ग रुसला
नादान ग बाळहरी शिंगी सोडुन बसला
yēvaḍhā nēnantā ga murāḷī vāṭata ga rusalā
nādāna ga bāḷaharī śiṅgī sōḍuna basalā
My murali* is so small, he started sulking on the way
The little child got down from the mare and sat down
▷ (येवढा) younger * (मुराळी)(वाटत) * (रुसला)
▷ (नादान) * (बाळहरी)(शिंगी)(सोडुन)(बसला)
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murali ➡ muralis1) Girls dedicated to Khandoba. They act as his courtesans. (Now the practice of marrying girls to Khandoba is illegal)
2) A person who is sent to fetch and accompany a newly married girl from the parental home or the in-laws’ home

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  1. Mūrāli as a young child