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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #63124 by Gaykawad Nanubai

Village: खरवंडी - Kharvande

F:XVII-1.1e (F17-01-01e) - Brother as father-in-law of one’s son, vyāhī / “I make my brother my vyāhī” / With consent of sister-in-law

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गायकवाड नानुबाई - Gaykawad Nanubai
माय बापाच राज आय शिक्यात खोबर
भाऊ भावजयाच राज चौक्या बसल्या गजर
māya bāpāca rāja āya śikyāta khōbara
bhāū bhāvajayāca rāja caukyā basalyā gajara
During my parents’ reign, there used to be dry coconut in the sling
In my brother’s and sister-in-law’s reign, there is a watch-post everywhere
▷ (माय) of_father king (आय)(शिक्यात)(खोबर)
▷  Brother (भावजयाच) king (चौक्या)(बसल्या)(गजर)
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