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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #54372 by Ghag Durga

Village: अवनसुरे - Awansure

A:I-1.5bii (A01-01-05b02) - Sītā / First exile amorous idyll / With Rām and Lakṣmaṇ in exile / Caves in mountains

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घाग दुर्गा - Ghag Durga
राम लक्ष्मण दोघे आलेत फिरुनी
बघे गुंफेत वाकून गेले ह्रदय फाकूनी
rāma lakṣmaṇa dōghē ālēta phirunī
baghē gumphēta vākūna gēlē hradaya phākūnī
Ram and Lashman have both come back from the forest
They peep inside the cave, they are heart-broken (not finding Sita there)
▷  Ram Laksman (दोघे)(आलेत) turning_round
▷ (बघे)(गुंफेत)(वाकून) has_gone (ह्रदय)(फाकूनी)
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