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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #53390 by Pandit Saraja

Village: उंदीरगाव - Undirgaon

A:I-1.6jiv (A01-01-06j04) - Sītā / Rāvaṇ / in search of Sītā / Giving signs

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पंडीत सारजा - Pandit Saraja
राम लक्ष्मण हिंडती वन वन
मारुती सांग खूण सिता नेली रावणान
rāma lakṣmaṇa hiṇḍatī vana vana
mārutī sāṅga khūṇa sitā nēlī rāvaṇāna
Ram and Lakshman, both are wandering from forest to forest
Maruti* tells the sign, Ravan* has carried Sita away
▷  Ram Laksman (हिंडती)(वन)(वन)
▷ (मारुती) with (खूण) Sita (नेली) Ravan
pas de traduction en français
MarutiA Sanskrit word referring to Hanuman, son of Vayudeva, the Hindu Wind God Vayu
RavanA devotee of Shiva, an asura king of ancient Lanka, he is depicted as a great scholar, a Brahmin, a capable ruler and a maestro of the veena (plucked stringed instrument). He is also described as an extremely powerful king and has ten heads.

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