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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #52241 by More Kamal Chintamani

Village: गुंधा - Gundha

G:XX-2.4 (G20-02-04) - Daughter-in-law with mother-in-law / Both of them are pretty and savasna

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मोरे कमल - More Kamal Chintamani
सवाशिणी ठेवू गेलं माझ्या करंड्यावरी नंदी
माझ्या हारणीच्या सूना चिरबंदी वाड्यामंदी
savāśiṇī ṭhēvū gēlaṁ mājhyā karaṇḍyāvarī nandī
mājhyā hāraṇīcyā sūnā cirabandī vāḍyāmandī
I give them honour as Savashins, there is a design of Nandi* on my box of kunku*
My mother’s daughters-in-law live in a chiseled stone house
▷ (सवाशिणी)(ठेवू)(गेलं) my (करंड्यावरी)(नंदी)
▷  My (हारणीच्या)(सूना)(चिरबंदी)(वाड्यामंदी)
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NandiGod Shiva's bullock
kunkuA red spot applied on the forehead by married women whose husband is alive as a mark of good fortune. This powder is also applied to God as a part of worship. It is prepared from turmeric, lemon juice, alum etc.

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  1. Both of them are pretty and savasna