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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #44887 by Gaykwad Saru

Village: मोगरा - Mogara

H:XXI-5.1evi (H21-05-01e06) - Ambedkar / Struggles for the dalits / Meetings, assemblies, speeches / From village to village, meetings

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गायकवाड सरु - Gaykwad Saru
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अलीकड माझा गाव पलीकड डेरा दिला
पलीकड डेरा दिला अन् कुंपणीचा मेणा आला
alīkaḍa mājhā gāva palīkaḍa ḍērā dilā
palīkaḍa ḍērā dilā an kumpaṇīcā mēṇā ālā
My village is on this side, soldiers camped on the other side
Soldiers camped on the other side, and the Company’s palanquin arrived
▷ (अलीकड) my (गाव)(पलीकड)(डेरा)(दिला)
▷ (पलीकड)(डेरा)(दिला)(अन्)(कुंपणीचा)(मेणा) here_comes
Mon village. De ce côté-ci c'est mon village, de l'autre un campement de soldats
De l'autre un campement de soldats ; le palanquin de la compagnie est arrivé.

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