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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #39025 by More Matha

Village: आंबेगाव - Ambegaon

C:VIII-1.1a (C08-01-01a) - Mother / Throes of child birth / Do not abuse a mother who suffered labour pains

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मोरे मथा - More Matha
आपल्या मावलीला नाही म्हणाव येड येड
जलमाच्या वेळी तिचं तटी तुटलं नव नाड
āpalyā māvalīlā nāhī mhaṇāva yēḍa yēḍa
jalamācyā vēḷī ticaṁ taṭī tuṭalaṁ nava nāḍa
Don’t call your mother a stupid fool
At the time of your birth she has suffered unbearable pain when her Navnadi broke
▷ (आपल्या)(मावलीला) not (म्हणाव)(येड)(येड)
▷ (जलमाच्या)(वेळी)(तिचं)(तटी)(तुटलं)(नव)(नाड)
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  1. Do not abuse a mother who suffered labour pains