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Project  ♪♪ सांगते बाई तुला - Sāṅgatē bāī tulā - I tell you woman! ♪♪

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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #38715 by Dhanwate Godhavari

Village: पुणतांबा - Puntamba

A:II-1.6j (A02-01-06j) - Woman’s doubtful entity / Imagining one’s funeral / Rituals performed on her body

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धनवटे गोदावरी - Dhanwate Godhavari
माझीया पिंडीला काही कावळा दंडना
गंगाच्या कडला सोक मैनान मांडीला
mājhīyā piṇḍīlā kāhī kāvaḷā daṇḍanā
gaṅgācyā kaḍalā sōka maināna māṇḍīlā
A crow is not touching my Pind*
On the bank of the river, my Mina, my daughter is weeping inconsolably
▷ (माझीया)(पिंडीला)(काही)(कावळा)(दंडना)
▷ (गंगाच्या)(कडला)(सोक)(मैनान)(मांडीला)
pas de traduction en français
PindA ritual observed on the tenth day of mourning, when a rice cake is kept in the open and if a crow touches it, it is believed that the soul is liberated and no wish of the dead person is remaining behind. If a crow doesn’t touch the rice cake, close relatives come forward and one by one say they will fulfill his/her wish which they think has remained unfulfilled or about which the soul is worried.

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