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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #36496 by Ghangaon Savitra

Village: मोगरा - Mogara

A:II-2.12eiv (A02-02-12e04) - Woman’s social identity / Inadequacies / Weakness / Looked down upon

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घणगाव सावित्रा - Ghangaon Savitra
UVS-16-41 start 05:57 ➡ listen to section
अंती दुबळपणाला जन लागल हासाया
गेल आभाळ निघुनी चंद्र लागला दिसाया
antī dubaḷapaṇālā jana lāgala hāsāyā
gēla ābhāḷa nighunī candra lāgalā disāyā
People start laughing at my poverty
Clouds disappeared, the moon became visible
▷ (अंती)(दुबळपणाला)(जन)(लागल)(हासाया)
▷  Gone (आभाळ)(निघुनी)(चंद्र)(लागला)(दिसाया)
Les gens se mettent à rire de ma faiblesse
Le nuage se dissipa, disparut, la lune se leva.

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