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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #36437 by Ghangaon Pavitra

Village: मोगरा - Mogara

A:II-3.5c (A02-03-05c) - Constraints on behaviour / Rules of conduct / Uncle / In consideration of uncle’s honour

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घणगाव पवित्रा - Ghangaon Pavitra
अंती बापा ग परीस चुलत्याचा मोठा धाक
चुलत्याचा मोठा धाक कानातले फुल झाक
antī bāpā ga parīsa culatyācā mōṭhā dhāka
culatyācā mōṭhā dhāka kānātalē phula jhāka
Be more scared of your paternal uncle than your father
More scared of uncle,you hide the ear-rings properly
▷ (अंती) father * (परीस)(चुलत्याचा)(मोठा)(धाक)
▷ (चुलत्याचा)(मोठा)(धाक)(कानातले) flowers (झाक)
J'ai grand peur de mon oncle bien plus que de mon père
J'ai grand peur de mon oncle, cache tes oreilles ornées de fleurs.

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