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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #36352 by Ghangaon Dhonda

Village: मोगरा - Mogara

D:XI-1.1fxiii (D11-01-01f13) - Son expert in farming / Cultivates fields / Thrashing ground / Prosperity

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घणगाव धोंडाबाई - Ghangaon Dhonda
UVS-05-40 start 05:54 ➡ listen to section
बाळ राजाच्या शेती म्हसूबा जागल्या
शेती म्हसूबा जागल्या राशी तीवड्या लागल्या
bāḷa rājācyā śētī mhasūbā jāgalyā
śētī mhasūbā jāgalyā rāśī tīvaḍyā lāgalyā
God Mhasoba is keeping vigil in my dear son’s field
God Mhasoba keeps a watch in the field, heaps of grain are piling on the thrashing floor
▷  Son (राजाच्या) furrow (म्हसूबा)(जागल्या)
▷  Furrow (म्हसूबा)(जागल्या)(राशी)(तीवड्या)(लागल्या)
Mhasoba a monté la garde dans le champ de mon roi de fils
Des monceaux de grains recouvrent le poteau de l'aire d battage.

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