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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #36341 by Ghangaon Sudhamati

Village: मोगरा - Mogara

A:II-2.12eviii (A02-02-12e08) - Woman’s social identity / Inadequacies / Weakness / She hopes to get over

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घणगाव सुधामती - Ghangaon Sudhamati
UVS-05-38 start 04:54 ➡ listen to section
अंती दुबळ्या ग पणाला जन लागल हासाया
गेल आबाळ निघून चंद्र लागला ना ग दिसाया
antī dubaḷyā ga paṇālā jana lāgala hāsāyā
gēla ābāḷa nighūna candra lāgalā nā ga disāyā
I am poor, people start laughing at my poverty
Clouds disappeared, the moon became visible
▷ (अंती)(दुबळ्या) * (पणाला)(जन)(लागल)(हासाया)
▷  Gone (आबाळ)(निघून)(चंद्र)(लागला) * * (दिसाया)
Les gens se mettent à rire de ma faiblesse
Le nuage se dissipa, disparut, la lune se leva.

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  1. She hopes to get over