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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #36338 by Ghangaon Anusaya

Village: मोगरा - Mogara

F:XVII-1.5 (F17-01-05) - Brother as father-in-law of one’s son, vyāhī / Brother and sister both decide upon

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घणगाव अनुसया - Ghangaon Anusaya
UVS-05-38 start 01:06 ➡ listen to section
बंधु तुझी माझी बोली शीवच्यार आंब्याखाली
गावामधी हुल झाली बहिण भावानी इहीण केली
bandhu tujhī mājhī bōlī śīvacyāra āmbyākhālī
gāvāmadhī hula jhālī bahiṇa bhāvānī ihīṇa kēlī
We decided (about brother’s daughter) under the mango tree near the village boundary
News reached the village, brother has made his sister his Vihin*
▷  Brother (तुझी) my say (शीवच्यार)(आंब्याखाली)
▷ (गावामधी)(हुल) has_come sister (भावानी)(इहीण) shouted
Frère, toi et moi, nous parlons sous le manguier à la frontière du village
Ce fut la commotion au village, la sœur fit de son frère le beau-père de son fils.
VihinMother-in-law of one’s son or daughter. The two mothers are each other’s Vihin reciprocally and also to their child’s father-in-law

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