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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #36331 by Ghangaon Girja

Village: मोगरा - Mogara

B:VI-2.19ciii (B06-02-19c03) - Paṅḍharpur pilgrimage / The city of Paṅḍharpur / River Chandrabhāgā / Swimming in the river

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घणगाव गिरजा - Ghangaon Girja
UVS-05-36 start 00:38 ➡ listen to section
भरली ग गंगुबाई चालली ग काट्याकुट्या
चालली काट्याकुट्या पव्हणाराला दंड ग पेट्या
bharalī ga gaṅgubāī cālalī ga kāṭyākuṭyā
cālalī kāṭyākuṭyā pavhaṇārālā daṇḍa ga pēṭyā
Chandrabhaga* is full, debris is flowing
The swimmer has a tin tied to his back
▷ (भरली) * (गंगुबाई)(चालली) * (काट्याकुट्या)
▷ (चालली)(काट्याकुट्या)(पव्हणाराला)(दंड) * (पेट्या)
Gaṅgabāī déborde, elle envahit les ronces les épines
Le nageur a des madriers dans le dos fixés aux bras.
ChandrabhagaOne of the major rivers in Amravati district of Maharashtra. Pandharpur is situated on the banks of Chandrabhaga.

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