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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #35024 by Mote Sonubai

Village: सविंदणे - Savindane

A:I-1.7h (A01-01-07h) - Sītā / Sītā departs towards vanavās / This happens because of the sinful Rāvaṇ

सीता निघाली वनवासा कुकु कपाळ भरुनी भरल्या सभमधी राम न्याहळतो दुरुनी, शेल्याच्या आडूनी नेत्र आले भरूनीVanavās: litt. the stay in forest, actually the forest exile in which Sītā is sent by her husband Rām, with all the physical and moral hardships that this desertion and its solitude carry with them.
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मोटे सोनुबाई - Mote Sonubai
UVS-12-33 start 01:14 ➡ listen to section
सीता चालली वनवासा हीला आडवा गेला व्हला
ह्या ग सीताला वनवास पाप्या रावणानी दिला
sītā cālalī vanavāsā hīlā āḍavā gēlā vhalā
hyā ga sītālā vanavāsa pāpyā rāvaṇānī dilā
Sita is going for her exile in forest, a Hola* (a species of birds) crossed her
Sita’s exile is because of the sinful Ravan*
▷  Sita (चालली) vanavas (हीला)(आडवा) has_gone (व्हला)
▷ (ह्या) * Sita vanavas (पाप्या) Ravan (दिला)
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HolaA species of birds
RavanA devotee of Shiva, an asura king of ancient Lanka, he is depicted as a great scholar, a Brahmin, a capable ruler and a maestro of the veena (plucked stringed instrument). He is also described as an extremely powerful king and has ten heads.

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  1. This happens because of the sinful Rāvaṇ