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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #34631 by Bhoine Parvati

Village: पौड - Paud
Hamlet: विठ्ठलवाडी - Vithalwadi

E:XIV-1.3b (E14-01-03b) - Relatives attached to daughter / Mother, daughter and daughter’s husband / Mother requests son-in-law to be nice with her

Earlier, many times a brother’s daughter would be given in marriage to his sister’s son. Mother-in-law was thus related to her son-in-law, her nephew. She would request and plead him to be nice to her daughter and treat her well. The singers call their son-in-law “Javai bal“in Marathi, which literally means son-in-law, my child.
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भोइणे पार्वती - Bhoine Parvati
जावई बाळाची इनंती करते बाजारात
आता होसाबाई माझी नेणंती पदरात
jāvaī bāḷācī inantī karatē bājārāta
ātā hōsābāī mājhī nēṇantī padarāta
I plead my dear son-in-law in the bazaar, (treat her well)
Now my young daughter Hausabai, I have given her to you
▷ (जावई)(बाळाची)(इनंती)(करते)(बाजारात)
▷ (आता)(होसाबाई) my (नेणंती)(पदरात)
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  1. Mother requests son-in-law to be nice with her