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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #28057 by Jagtap Hira

Village: मारुंजी - Marunji

F:XVI-1.6 (F16-01-06) - Sister expects brother’s presents / Brother’s present at her children’s marriage

[14] id = 28057
जगताप हिरा - Jagtap Hira
आहेराचा धनी मागे कशाला राहिला
बंधवानी माझ्या बाज्या दुहेरी लावला
āhērācā dhanī māgē kaśālā rāhilā
bandhavānī mājhyā bājyā duhērī lāvalā
The one who will bring aher* (brother), has not remained behind
My brother is coming with the band playing loudly
▷ (आहेराचा)(धनी)(मागे)(कशाला)(राहिला)
▷ (बंधवानी) my (बाज्या)(दुहेरी)(लावला)
pas de traduction en français
aher ➡ ahersA gift or a present given on an auspicious occasion like a wedding or a religious function, and also given to mark the end of the mourning period. In aher, there is an implied sense of participation, sharing the joy on happy occasions and grief on sad occasions. Aher is generally exchanged by both parties.

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  1. Brother’s present at her children’s marriage