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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #26051 by Tapkir Savitra

Village: मुलखेड - Mulkhed

E:XIV-2.7 (E14-02-07) - Daughter’s marriage / Daughters-in-law

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तापकीर सावित्री - Tapkir Savitra
घाटावरला सोयरा घाट येंगुनी आला वर
मैना माझी साळू मैना बघून झाला गार
ghāṭāvaralā sōyarā ghāṭa yēṅgunī ālā vara
mainā mājhī sāḷū mainā baghūna jhālā gāra
Vyahi* from beyond the mountain, climbed the mountain and came up
Mina. my daughter, he saw her and was awestruck
▷ (घाटावरला)(सोयरा)(घाट)(येंगुनी) here_comes (वर)
▷  Mina my (साळू) Mina (बघून)(झाला)(गार)
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Vyahi ➡ VyahisFather-in-law of one’s son or daughter. The two fathers are each other’s Vyahi reciprocally and also to their child’s mother-in-law

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