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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #25054 by Dighe Bhika

Village: भांबर्डे - Bhambarde
Hamlet: गणपतीवाडी - Ganapatiwadi

E:XIII-2.4 (E13-02-04) - Mother worries for daughter / She has been struck by bad eye

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दिघे भिका - Dighe Bhika
काजळ कुकु लेली बामण आळी गेली
बाईला माझ्या नेमाची दिष्ट झाली
kājaḷa kuku lēlī bāmaṇa āḷī gēlī
bāīlā mājhyā nēmācī diṣṭa jhālī
She put on kajal (eyeliner) and kunku*, she went to the Brahman lane
My daughter always came under the influence of the evil eye
▷ (काजळ) kunku (लेली) Brahmin has_come went
▷ (बाईला) my (नेमाची)(दिष्ट) has_come
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kunkuA red spot applied on the forehead by married women whose husband is alive as a mark of good fortune. This powder is also applied to God as a part of worship. It is prepared from turmeric, lemon juice, alum etc.

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  1. She has been struck by bad eye