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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #24325 by Ghare Parvati

Village: जअूळ - Jawal

E:XIII-1.4g (E13-01-04g) - Mother’s attachment to daughter / Wonders at her personality / Her head bath

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घारे पार्वती - Ghare Parvati
माझ्या अंगणात हरळी येली गेली
तान्ही माझी मैना जखळाची मैना न्हाली
mājhyā aṅgaṇāta haraḷī yēlī gēlī
tānhī mājhī mainā jakhaḷācī mainā nhālī
In my courtyard, Haral grass has climbed on the creeper
My little Maina* has thick hair, she had a head bath
▷  My (अंगणात)(हरळी)(येली) went
▷ (तान्ही) my Mina (जखळाची) Mina (न्हाली)
pas de traduction en français
MainaThe name of a bird. Commonly used as a term of endearment for the dear daughter

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