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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #21819 by Shedge Sakhu bai

Village: धामणवळ - DhamanOhol

D:XI-1.1dxi (D11-01-01d11) - Son expert in farming / Cultivates fields / Son, the ploughman / Bullock and the ploughman

When the singer says Ploughman Narayan, she imagines that God Narayan is actually participating in the work in the field. Even though her son or husband are ploughing, she imagines that God is making it happen. Farming is also looked upon by her as God’s worship.
Cross-references:D:XI-1.2a (D11-01-02a) - Son expert in farming / Rearing bullocks / Mother reminds son how to care for bullocks
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शेडगे सखूबाई - Shedge Sakhu bai
बाळाच्या माझ्या बैलाच नाव सरजा सरवण
वाणीचा माझा बाळ अवत्या नारायण
bāḷācyā mājhyā bailāca nāva sarajā saravaṇa
vāṇīcā mājhā bāḷa avatyā nārāyaṇa
The names of my son’s bullocks are Sarja and Saravan
Now my son is the ploughman Narayan
▷ (बाळाच्या) my (बैलाच)(नाव)(सरजा)(सरवण)
▷ (वाणीचा) my son (अवत्या)(नारायण)
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