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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #21101 by Margale Gangu

Village: दासवे - Dasve
Hamlet: दांड - Dand

D:X-3.3jiv (D10-03-03j04) - Mother attached to son / Wonders at his personality / Appearance / Coquettish

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मरगळे गंगू - Margale Gangu
संबल्याचा सोगा टाकीला पाठीवरी
बाळ नटत गेल सुताराच्या नेटावरी
sambalyācā sōgā ṭākīlā pāṭhīvarī
bāḷa naṭata gēla sutārācyā nēṭāvarī
Throwing the end of the length of the material of his turban in style on his back
My son went to the carpenter’s workshop, all dressed up
▷ (संबल्याचा)(सोगा)(टाकीला)(पाठीवरी)
▷  Son (नटत) gone (सुताराच्या)(नेटावरी)
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Notes =>Leather buckets to draw water from the draw-well, ploughs, three-tube drill ploughs, etc. are all made inthe carpenter’s workshop.In this song, the singer says admiringly, that her son has gone to work in the carpenter’s shop, stylishly dressed, looking handsome.

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