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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #20064 by Padwal Anasuya

Village: शेडाणी - Shedani

D:X-3.1d (D10-03-01d) - Mother attached to son / Mother praising son’s demeanour / His bath

In the songs in this Section, mother expresses her admiration for her son in different ways and on different occasions. In some songs, she greatly admires her son’s skills of arguing his case well and compares him to a lawyer. In some other songs, which relate to ceremonies at marriage, she feels very proud about her son’s fair skin and the yellow water flowing over his body after application of turmeric as a part of the ritual, father and son having the ceremonial bath, etc. She is also proud of her son and admires him after he comes home from participating in Bhajan*. He is tired after singing late into the night and she loves keeping a very big vessel for bath water to alleviate his fatigue.
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पडवळ अनसुया - Padwal Anasuya
आंघोळीला पाणी ठेविते न्हाणीच्या चिपपाशी
बाळायाची मपल्या मी तर कचेरी मोडू कशी
āṅghōḷīlā pāṇī ṭhēvitē nhāṇīcyā cipapāśī
bāḷāyācī mapalyā mī tara kacērī mōḍū kaśī
I keep water for bath where there is a facility for water to flow away
My son has to go to the Court, he shouldn’t miss the date
▷ (आंघोळीला) water, (ठेविते)(न्हाणीच्या)(चिपपाशी)
▷ (बाळायाची)(मपल्या) I wires (कचेरी)(मोडू) how
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