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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #13515 by Shedge Thaka

Village: आडमाळ - Admal

B:VI-2.4dxi (B06-02-04d11) - Paṅḍharpur pilgrimage / Prompts / Irresistible wish to meet Viṭṭhal, Rakhumai / In dream she goes to Paṅḍharpur

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शेडगे ठका - Shedge Thaka
सपान पडल मला पंढरी गेल्यावाणी
हातात तुळशी बेल चंद्रभागेत नहाल्यावाणी
sapāna paḍala malā paṇḍharī gēlyāvāṇī
hātāta tuḷaśī bēla candrabhāgēta nahālyāvāṇī
I dreamt that I am in Pandhari
Tulasi* Bel* in hand and as if I have bathed in Chandrabhaga* river
▷ (सपान)(पडल)(मला)(पंढरी)(गेल्यावाणी)
▷ (हातात)(तुळशी)(बेल)(चंद्रभागेत)(नहाल्यावाणी)
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tulasiOcimum tenuiflorum, commonly known as holy basil, cultivated for religious and traditional medicine purposes.
BelName of a tree
ChandrabhagaOne of the major rivers in Amravati district of Maharashtra. Pandharpur is situated on the banks of Chandrabhaga.

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  1. In dream she goes to Paṅḍharpur