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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #12580 by Margale Gangu

Village: दासवे - Dasve
Hamlet: दांड - Dand

B:VI-1.6c (B06-01-06c) - Dasarā, Diwāḷī / Son / Worshiping

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मरगळे गंगू - Margale Gangu
पहिला मान हा तर देवळाच्या दारी
ताईत माझा राघू मंग हिंडतो घरोघरी
pahilā māna hā tara dēvaḷācyā dārī
tāīta mājhā rāghū maṅga hiṇḍatō gharōgharī
The first honour is to go (and offer sone*) on the temple doorstep
Then my son Raghu* goes from house to house
▷ (पहिला)(मान)(हा) wires (देवळाच्या)(दारी)
▷ (ताईत) my (राघू)(मंग)(हिंडतो)(घरोघरी)
pas de traduction en français
soneLiteral meaning gold. In the context of Dassera it refers to leaves of Apta or Shami tree which are symbolic of gold and (sone lutane) which are offered to each other
RaghuLiteral meaning is Parrot. But in the songs, they fondly call their son or brother Raghu

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