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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #112307 by Pawar Pareg

Village: शिंदेवाडी - Shindewadi

F:XVII-1.1e (F17-01-01e) - Brother as father-in-law of one’s son, vyāhī / “I make my brother my vyāhī” / With consent of sister-in-law

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पवार परेग - Pawar Pareg
बंधु इवाई कराया नव्हत माझ मन
चढी घातल जावेने सोयरा मोठा मवण गेतो बर्फीच जेवन
bandhu ivāī karāyā navhata mājha mana
caḍhī ghātala jāvēnē sōyarā mōṭhā mavaṇa gētō barphīca jēvana
I make my brother my Vyahi*, but I was not very keen
My sisters-in-law made me accept it, brother is very nice, he gives a meal with sweets
▷  Brother (इवाई)(कराया)(नव्हत) my (मन)
▷ (चढी)(घातल)(जावेने)(सोयरा)(मोठा)(मवण)(गेतो)(बर्फीच)(जेवन)
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Vyahi ➡ VyahisFather-in-law of one’s son or daughter. The two fathers are each other’s Vyahi reciprocally and also to their child’s mother-in-law

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  1. With consent of sister-in-law