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Project  ♪♪ सांगते बाई तुला - Sāṅgatē bāī tulā - I tell you woman! ♪♪

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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #106931 by Jadhav Kalavati Digambar

Village: शिंदेवाडी - Shindevadi

A:II-2.4aiv (A02-02-04a04) - Woman’s social identity / Honour / Reasons of pride / Name of high repute

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जाधव कलावती दिगंबर - Jadhav Kalavati Digambar
पाटलाची लेक देशमुखाच्या घरी दिली
सांगते बाई पडद लावुनी चुडा लेली
pāṭalācī lēka dēśamukhācyā gharī dilī
sāṅgatē bāī paḍada lāvunī cuḍā lēlī
Daughter from Patil* family got married in Deshmukh* family
I tell you, woman, she wore her bangles behind a curtain
▷ (पाटलाची)(लेक)(देशमुखाच्या)(घरी)(दिली)
▷  I_tell woman (पडद)(लावुनी)(चुडा)(लेली)
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Patil ➡ PatilsThe head of a village, holding an important position in the village
DeshmukhHereditary officer, head of a Pargana. Surname of a reputed family. But is also used for one’s father or uncle by the singers.

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