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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #106377 by Dighe Manda

Village: कोंढुर - Kondhur

D:X-2.5bxx (D10-02-05b20) - Mother worries for son / Son away from mother / Out of station / Attraction of alien lady

[26] id = 106377
दिघे मंदा - Dighe Manda
काळी कळवतीन जागा मागती वाड्यात
देखना बाळ माझा पाटील पट्टीच्या राठीत
kāḷī kaḷavatīna jāgā māgatī vāḍyāta
dēkhanā bāḷa mājhā pāṭīla paṭṭīcyā rāṭhīta
The wicked and vile dancing girl asks for a place to stay in the house
My Patil*, my handsome son, is standing on the land for which he is paying tax
▷  Kali (कळवतीन)(जागा)(मागती)(वाड्यात)
▷ (देखना) son my (पाटील)(पट्टीच्या)(राठीत)
pas de traduction en français
Patil ➡ PatilsThe head of a village, holding an important position in the village

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