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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #105070 by Shelke Renuka

Village: गुणवडी - Gunawadi

F:XVIII-2.2a (F18-02-02a) - Other relatives / Maternal uncles, aunts / Singer’s close relation with them

Cross-references:F:XVII-1.12 (F17-01-12) - Brother as father-in-law of one’s son, vyāhī / Sister-in-law’s brother as vyāhī
[34] id = 105070
शेळके रेणुका - Shelke Renuka
रस्त्याला उभा माझा नव्हे तो बहिणीचा
नंदलाला हरी माझा चंद्रहार ठेवणीचा
rastyālā ubhā mājhā navhē tō bahiṇīcā
nandalālā harī mājhā candrahāra ṭhēvaṇīcā
The one standing on the road is not my son, he is my sister’s
His name is Nandlal Hari*, he is like my precious chandrahar*
▷ (रस्त्याला) standing my (नव्हे)(तो) of_sister
▷ (नंदलाला)(हरी) my (चंद्रहार)(ठेवणीचा)
pas de traduction en français
HariName of God Vishnu
chandraharNecklace made of bits of gold

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  1. Singer’s close relation with them