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Project  ♪♪ सांगते बाई तुला - Sāṅgatē bāī tulā - I tell you woman! ♪♪

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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #102510 by Thorat Hausa

Village: गोंडेगाव - Gondegaon

D:XII-4.2f (D12-04-02f) - Son, a man in society / Son’s marriage / Articles, requirements / Shed erected on poles with mango, plaintain pillars

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थोरात हौसा - Thorat Hausa
मांडवाच्या मेढी कोथींबिरीच्या बदाट्या
सांगते बंदु माझ्या तुझ्या येहीनी शेलाट्या
māṇḍavācyā mēḍhī kōthīmbirīcyā badāṭyā
sāṅgatē bandu mājhyā tujhyā yēhīnī śēlāṭyā
Pillars for the shed for marriage are made from Kothimbir (coriander) twigs tied to the poles
I tell you, my brother, your Vihin* is slim and tall
▷ (मांडवाच्या)(मेढी)(कोथींबिरीच्या)(बदाट्या)
▷  I_tell (बंदु) my your (येहीनी)(शेलाट्या)
pas de traduction en français
VihinMother-in-law of one’s son or daughter. The two mothers are each other’s Vihin reciprocally and also to their child’s father-in-law

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  1. Shed erected on poles with mango, plaintain pillars