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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #84288 by Ghangaon Mathura

Village: मोगरा - Mogara

F:XVIII-4.3 (F18-04-03) - Sister’s husband / Close relation

[35] id = 84288
घणगाव मथुरा - Ghangaon Mathura
UVS-16-30 start 02:37 ➡ listen to section
अशी इवाया परीस भेटलाया नाटक
गाडीच्या बैलाला कडबा मागती बाटुक
aśī ivāyā parīsa bhēṭalāyā nāṭaka
gāḍīcyā bailālā kaḍabā māgatī bāṭuka
More than Vyahi*, she is fun-loving
She asks for straw cut into pieces for her bullock
▷ (अशी)(इवाया)(परीस)(भेटलाया)(नाटक)
▷ (गाडीच्या)(बैलाला)(कडबा)(मागती)(बाटुक)
Le mari de la sœur ne dit rien, je l'ai rencontrée frétillante
Elle demande pour ses paires de bœufs des bottes de paille de millet.
Vyahi ➡ VyahisFather-in-law of one’s son or daughter. The two fathers are each other’s Vyahi reciprocally and also to their child’s mother-in-law

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