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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #36318 by Phulaware Prayag

Village: मोगरा - Mogara

H:XXI-5.3eii (H21-05-03e02) - Ambedkar / Takes a second wife / Singers’ resentment / The Brahmin wife is looked down upon

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फुलावरे प्रयाग - Phulaware Prayag
UVS-05-28 start 01:51 ➡ listen to section

बामणाचे मुली तुझ्या टोपल्यात राख
एवढे बामण आसता धरला बाबाचा हात आग हात
bāmaṇācē mulī tujhyā ṭōpalyāta rākha
ēvaḍhē bāmaṇa āsatā dharalā bābācā hāta āga hāta
O, Brahmin* lady, there is ash in your basket
Though there are many Brahmins*, you have held hands of Baba
▷  Brahmin (मुली) your in_basket ash
▷ (एवढे) Brahmin (आसता)(धरला) of_Baba_(Ambedkar) hand O hand
Fille de Bāmaṇ, il y a de la cendre dans ton panier
Alors qu'il y a tant de Bāmaṇ, tu as pris la main de Bābā.
Brahmin ➡ BrahminsIn the songs, this word often refers to prestigious people from the village and not to the caste

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  1. The Brahmin wife is looked down upon