Centre for Cooperative Research
in Social Sciences

(CCRSS, Pune, India) - Email: <contact (at) grindmill.org>

Rairkar Bungalow
BMCC road, 884 Deccan Gymkhana
Pune 411 004, Maharashtra (India)

In memory of:
Hema Rairkar (1939-2010)
Guy Poitevin (1934-2004)

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The CCRSS emphasizes three thematic perspectives:

We look for interacting with those who share with us the same perspectives and are equally convinced of the latter's particular relevance in this day and age.

The following presentation is a call for exchange and cooperation addressed to scholars undertaking similar anthropological research or cultural studies. This cooperation could take any form depending upon the partners: from exchanging information, reflections, personal documents, write-ups and books to organizing electronic forum or possibly international seminars.


Epistemology of development and social transformation

Projet de recherche-action sur la communication (in French)

Activities at the CCRSS have been conducted with the generous support of:

International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (UNESCO) (1993-1998)

Netherlands Ministry for Development Cooperation (1993-1998)

Fondation Charles-Léopold Mayer pour le Progrès de l'Homme (Paris)

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